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International Cycling Group of Guangzhou, China






GZcycle is a non-membership and non-profit organization that brings together road cycling enthusiasts on regular bike rides around Guangzhou, China with occasional travel for events throughout China and Asia.

Started in 2004, GZcycle is an all-inclusive group for cyclists of all ages, genders, nationalities, abilities, and even those aspiring to become a cyclist, that want to enjoy the dynamics of riding in a group. This all-inclusive group encourages all levels of riders and promotes teamwork and fitness, which embodies the true spirit of cycling.

We meet up every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday for our group rides. Group rides start with a group warm-up, followed by dividing into teams based upon abilities. Also, there are planned social events and competitions throughout the year.

Vision: To promote cycling and camaraderie

Mission: Bringing like-minded people together that practice the sport of cycling for performance & fitness and extend the spirit of good friendship and loyalty among members of the group.


Inclusion- We welcome cyclists of all ages/genders/ethnicities and skill levels.

Commitment- We are committed to the sport, the group and our values.

Participation- We participate actively in this group and strive to make it better.

Sportsmanship- We practice fair play and the spirit of ethical sportsmanship.

Friendship- We extend our camaraderie beyond cycling to group social activities.

Code of Conduct

All members of GZcycle need to understand and comply by the code of conduct:

1. Respect the group, values and all group members.

2. Be a good cycling ambassador and respect drivers/pedestrians/other cyclists both on the bicycle and off.

3. Support the group and itís members when needed or asked to help with activities.

4. Ensure all equipment is in good working order and put safety as the #1 priority.

5. Acquire good bike handling skills and don't be offended if asked to make improvements.

6. Get familiar with our Group Ride Rules. Practice them and pass onto others.

7. Listen and follow the instructions by the group ride leaders.

8. Spread the word of cycling, bring friends along and assist newcomers.

9. Record all rides and share on Strava.

10. Have fun!


Meet some of the members of GZcycle and learn more about us

From weekend warriors to multi-sport athletes and amateur racers- GZcycle is a diverse group! Interested in joining? Email us!

............... to be continued ...............

GZcycle, we welcome cyclists of all ages, gender, nationalities and fitness levels. Contact us at gzcycle@gzcycle.com